Any assignment with artistic/creative content requires more than the standard interviewing skills and classic project management process of executive search. Understanding the unique aspects that make a creative talent, be they related to trends, technology, or semiology, requires an “eye” and is a formidable challenge.

Since 2001 Sterling has made the strategic choice to dedicate an internal team with the skills to work exclusively on projects specific to senior designer and top level merchant talents. Our Creative Pole is in a unique position of trust and confidence due to our long-term commitment to creative talents.


The Sterling Creative Pole is about passion, be it for Creation, for the Management of Creative Talents, for Product Development or for Merchants. It is also about understanding studio organization structures and collection management teams and processes which allow us to establish both broad and long-term relationships with our Clients and their creative teams.

We invest in the process of getting to know the talents. From those just out of school to the up and coming rising talents, to the established stars, we accompany them, guide them and counsel them. As a consequence, they trust us and know we truly understand their career aspirations and perspectives. We contribute to various fashion institutes and participate in juries and conferences in order to give back something to the industry and share our experience.


  • International Executive Search assignments for senior Creative and Merchant positions
  • Creative Made-to-Measure Projects such as Analysis of Design Department organization and process workflows, etc.



The Sterling Creative Pole has developed a unique expertise on Senior Creative/ Design/ Merchant Executive Search assignments within very diversified environments:

  • Fashion & Designer brands across RTW, Lingerie, Accessories and Footwear, where emphasis lies in understanding the distinctive designs, aesthetics and artistic visions of the designers at the helm
  • Global lifestyle or sports brands that require knowing the philosophy, aesthetics, and positioning of the transnational cultures they embody and the savvy consumers to which they appeal
  • Luxury goods brands, where success means decoding the prominence of heritage and legacy, as well as the details and nuances of authenticity, precision, craftsmanship, from Accessories to Home Decor or Hard Goods
  • Publications and other Creative Art Services where it is all about the “eye” and where technology is deeply changing the content of each position


  • International Talent Mapping
  • Design Studio Assessment
  • Organizational Design
  • Other